Port Lucaya is one of the most modern marinas in the Caribbean, fully equipped with modern and world class facilities including free accommodations for boats and yachts as big as 190 feet long. The port features two adjoining wings with all kinds of entertainment for residents and tourist, including bars, shops, restaurants, and live entertainment. Most of this can be found on the Marketplace Wing. The other wing, the Sea Garden Wing, features the beautiful tropical gardens that guests are welcome to stroll through, gawking at the exotic plants and flowers on display. This wing also has the Port Lucaya Resort and Yacht Club where you can find an Olympic sized swimming pool and comfortable rooms overlooking the port and marina.

Located in Bell Channel, Greystone Warner developed a first-class condominium and residential development. The Greystone Warner condominium development, called “Caribe Luxury Condos” are in close proximity to the Yacht Club and has adjourning boat slips on the marina. The development was a joint-venture development with Springfield REIT, a real-stated investment trust with large acre properties throughout Grand Bahamas and the Bahamas Islands. Greystone Warner is the exclusive real-estate development partner to the investment REIT.