Greystone Warner prides itself on delivering and executing each project with excellence. No matter how big or how small the assignment, GREYSTONE looks to deliver the highest quality work to each client. We started in the concrete business, pouring concrete sidewalks for small offices and apartments. We take pride in those projects that helped build our reputation and shaped our future. Whether it is an assignment for the Indianapolis Public School (IPS), the Conrad Hotel, or the Lucas Oil Football Stadium, we endeavor to deliver and execute excellence.


Greystone will establish material lay down areas for all materials and equipment. Subcontractors and suppliers and installers of equipment will retain responsibility for all receipt, damage, and loss of material. GREYSTONE will at all times, coordinate with, and support the integration and supplies furnished by the Client.


Greystone is committed to maintaining the highest standards of construction and the elimination of substandard work. Greystone not only assures the quality standards established by the contract documents, but also improves the quality of construction through our Total Quality Improvement Program.


Greystone is committed to delivering and executing excellence. Through due diligence process to logistics and to deliver, we utilize the most experienced engineers, contractors and consultants, ensuring the quality is our highest priority.