Greystone Warner approaches every construction assignment with a level of Due Diligence and Analytics, to provide high quality services and best solutions to our clients, while ensuring safe work environments to our employees and sub-contractors. The company commits to prevent injuries and impairment to health; while improving occupational safety, minimize pollution and environmental concerns. We believe in a green planet and take every measure to ensure our projects maintain a high level of professionalism and delivery with these concerns, through Management Systems and Policies as follows:


Safety is a critical part of our everyday culture. Our philosophy is to provide a safe environment on every construction assignment, never compromising safety for productivity. We believe that these practices should co-exist on each construction assignment.


We operate at the highest standards to make sure that the best possible utilization of machinery, equipment, engineering, technology, materials and labor are used. We strive to take our quality beyond the normal standards, completing the contracts in compliance with the specifications and standards and on time. Our employees, consultants, subcontractors and strategic partners will comply with all environmental laws and maintain an environment of increase productivity in an effort to deliver superior results to our clients and customers.

Strategic Alliances

We understand that we do not know all there is to know about the industry, although we are experienced. We believe that real success is only possible by a synergistic attitude and our employees, vendors, subcontractors, and even the customer has value to add to the project. We accept the fact that we must educate each other throughout all phases of the project and will continue to ensure the customer is fully educated regarding these critical time-management phases.


We have a responsibility to our clients, our employees, our shareholders, our vendors, and our community. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, but count it a privilege to serve them, ensuring that nothing short of excellence is demonstrated. We will do our due diligence, research; provide the best scheduling and estimations, best planning, design management and calculations to avoid actions and decisions that are not thorough and well planned. Each construction assignment is approached with a sense of responsibility, pride, and ownership, to ensure the client that we will take full responsibility for the task entrusted to us, and deliver and exceed their expectations in order to build long lasting relationships.

Moral Values and Honesty

We will demonstrate high morals and honesty on each construction assignment not because we believe that we do well by doing good. We do not focus simply on monetary value but moral values. We want our clients to be assured that we will be honest and transparent in our business documentation, proposals and presentations. Success achieved without such moral values does not bear any meaning or authenticity. We do what is right, because of our moral, Christian values. We do to others what we expect to be done to us. The Golden Rule is or moral compass and it ensures us and our clients that our service will be nothing short of our best.

Immediate Measurable Results

We believe that each construction assignment should show immediate measurable results. We strive to provide excellence in our industry, but are also willing to accept our errors and mistakes, to bear the consequences and learn from our mistakes to get better. While we take systematic approaches to resolving issues, we will utilize everything in our power to ensure that we deliver excellence in our results that are immediate and measurable, and if necessary, will do whatever
is necessary to correct them.