The Preconstruction phase is a critical stage of the project. The adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. The process is the planning process that can determine the level of success of the construction project. These become the anchors that guide the decision-making process through the entire design and construction process.  Our team of experts and consultants prepare critical path schedules, detailed budgets, pro forma cash flow projections, and identify lead items, to ensure that the anticipated project goals are realized.


Preconstruction sets the stage for the project’s success. Having our Construction Manager at the early stages can determine the successful outcome of the project. Our preconstruction professionals will provide their vast experience to plot the correct course, producing conceptual estimates and schedules. A collaborative team can help make the necessary decisions about the designs, schedule, build out, budgets, materials and logistics, through research, analytics, cash flow and total value analysis.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

At the front end, Greystone can provide real estate developers and financial clients invaluable assistance through analytics, development strategy, project feasibility assessment, and planning. Our staff will prepare analysis, budgets, cash flows, and schedules for in-depth project analysis and evaluation. We utilize construction or building information process of generating and managing construction data during the inception to completion of the project, to ensure that the model continues throughout the lifespan of the project. Each step of construction phase produces immediate measurable results. BIM illustrates the visual flow of the project, cost analyses, logistics, and planning and acts as a dashboard of the project. The benefits of BIM are increased efficiency and collaborative efforts of team members, clear communication, and reduction in errors across the project cycles which develops increase productivity and delivery.

Project Cost Advisory (PCA)

No matter the size of the project, our cost advisory services will prove invaluable. Owners wants to know the true project cost, whether new construction or renovation. At the early stages, we utilize sophisticated forecast modeling tools to forecast construction cost utilizing cost data. We can reference project cost to industry standard cost for a variety of industries including Hospitals and Heathcare Facilities, Government, Municipalities, K-12 Schools, Libraries, Corporate, Commercial and Sports Arenas. Utilizing our research and analytics we identify footage, location, materials, and building blueprint, we can generate realistic construction cost across the various building stages.

Construction Management

General Contracting

Greystone approaches each construction contract with responsibility and integrity, managing and supervising the activities of our sub-contractors and strategic partners. The Owner will be delivered cost breakdowns along the life cycle of the project for the scope of work. We have vast experience in general contracting through multiple industries. Our Management Processes ensure that each assignment is executed under the highest level of safety to minimize or eliminate any accidents or incidents. We do not compromise our safety standards and enforce the same processes to our sub-contractors and partners. However, we do believe in striving to deliver excellence in our work and services, keeping the job on-time, with few or no delays. With Greystone, the Owner can expect a highly professionally ran construction site that is both safe and productive. 

Construction Management (CM)

Greystone has experienced team of CM specialist who are qualified to meet any project demands. Anayltics are critical to every stage of the project life cycle, and our analyst work with our CMs to analyze in detail the most efficient method of construction, starting with the pre-construction phase. We identify the time scale and critical paths that minimizes idle time and maximizes productivity time. Our vast experience as CMs give the owner the advantage of having the project coordinated and managed from one source, which accelerates problem solving and revisions in scheduling and revision of project time lines and delivery.

Project Management (PM)

Project (or Program) Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing project resources to bring about successful completion. At Greystone, our PMs are experienced in this discipline and have the capabilities and expertise to manage multiple concurrent projects or programs. We employ a methodical approach to planning and guiding project from start to finish. Greystone’s PM functions as an agent of the Owner, and takes ownership of the project as if it is our own, establishing procedures and policies, allocation of budgets and schedules. The immediate measurable results include consistency of controls. The PM will be involved from the early consultation, design, to construction completion, and assist in post-occupancy functional review where necessary. Additionally, the PM will coordinate with the owner, contractors, and all related party to manage and monitor the successful completion of the project.

Some of the services under Construction Management services include:

  • Project Management
  • QC Program Implementation
  • Baseline Schedule Coordination / Updates
  • Project Engineering
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Document Coordination
  • Safety Program Implementation
  • Contract Administration
  • Inspection & Material Testing
  • Change Order Estimating / Management
  • Claims Support / Mitigation
  • Submittal Package Review / Management
  • RFI Review / Management
  • MEP Coordination
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Closeout